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When it comes to travel, less is more. Packing light can make your trip more enjoyable, but how do you choose the right sparkles to bring along? Let's dive into the world of gold, diamonds, gemstones and how to rock the stacks on your summer adventure.

How to Pick the Perfect Sparkles

When selecting sparkles for your trip, consider the activities you'll be doing and the outfits you'll be wearing so you can think of your metals like yellow gold or white gold, gemstones or diamonds. Opt for pieces that are easy to mix and match, such as simple stud earrings or a delicate personalized pendant necklace. 

Rocking the Stacks

When creating the stacks you always need some basic gold chains to mix and layer like the Cable chain, the perfect foundation start a strong stack. Then you need a bold chain one like the Rolo Split Chain - you can play with the charms and its perfect to keep safe your rings if you need to. Last but not least a classic for the final touch like the Hollow Gold Paperclip or the Gold Diamond Cut Rectangle Chain

Now that you packed your chains is time to choose your favorite, timeless, fun and rebellious charm complete the stack - The Hollow Gold Puffed Heart is a must for volume, the Pave Outline Gold Buddha and the Small Diamond Yin & Yang to keep you aligned, for the timeless ones the Brushed Gold Radiant Sun and Moon are an amazing option for the summer, and for the final touch you can play with the mini charms like the Mini Floating Diamond Initial or the Mini Diamond Zodiac Sign - remember you can wear them in a fully sync or by its own

When it comes to the ear party chunky is the new basic for any stack so start with the 6mm Hollow Gold Tube Hoops then the Chunky Diamond Hoops and the Chunky Double Row Gold and Diamond Ear Cuff for so statement stack then you can`t miss the Diamond Custom Drop Earring and finish with some color with Multi Gemstone Mushroom Huggies

For rings the stacks are more easy, pack your eternity bands in rainbow, diamond and gemstone to play with your vibe and some statements to do de bold work like Lion Signet Ring, the peace ring and Gold and Diamond Croissant Ring

Keep it simple with the bracelets, choose your favorite bangle like the Five Row Diamond Bangle, a statement like the Mini Diamond Tennis Bracelet or the Diamond Bezel Hand Chain Bracelet and you are ready to go!

By following these tips, you can pack light and still look stylish on your summer trip. Remember, choose versatile sparkles that can elevate your outfit without weighing you down. Happy travels!